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What is OMVIC - Brockville Ontario Beattie Dodge

A Quick Look at the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC)

OMVIC was set up in 1997 to administer the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA) on behalf of the provincial consumer Minister. Its authority for day-to-day administration comes from the Safety & Consumer Statutes Administration Act.


OMVIC is a Delegated Administrative Authority or DAA. There are several DAAs in Ontario which are responsible for day-to-day administration of provincial consumer protection or public safety legislation. OMVIC is responsible for administering the MVDA . All motor vehicle dealers must be registered under the MVDA and are members of OMVIC. OMVIC enforces the registration requirements for motor vehicle dealers and salespersons in the province. OMVIC's mandate is to maintain a fair, safe and informed marketplace in Ontario.



OMVIC is focused on achieving:

  • Consumer protection through pursuit of those who would prey on an unwary public
  • Increased consumer confidence through compliance activities and complaint handling
  • Consumer awareness through dissemination of information concerning consumer rights via public information and awareness programs
  • Dealer professionalism through certification programs for new dealers and salespersons
  • Increased accountability through administration of a Code of Ethics, Standards of Business Practice and an open disciplinary process
Board of Directors

OMVIC receives guidance from a 12-member Board of Directors made up of nine motor vehicle dealers and three consumer representatives appointed by the provincial consumer Minister. The Board's responsibilities include providing business direction to OMVIC while ensuring its financial and functional viability and providing access to appropriate resources.

Executive Director and Registrar

Day-to-day management of OMVIC is provided by an Executive Director, who is also responsible for the overall administration of the MVDA. As such, the Executive Director acts in the capacity of Registrar. This responsibility entails statutory authority to propose to refuse or revoke registrations.


OMVIC is structured around four areas of service aimed at protecting the public interest:

  • Registration
  • Inspections, investigations and prosecutions
  • Complaint handling
  • Public awareness and professional standards
1. Registration

The registration process includes careful screening of all applicants. In order to be registered, all applicants must meet the requirements stipulated in the MVDA. Registrations are valid for a limited time, and renewals are conditional on registrants having operated with honesty, integrity, financial responsibility and in accordance with law.

2. Inspections, Investigations & Prosecutions

Inspections are conducted to examine business locations and to verify that books and records are properly maintained. Investigations are launched in situations where non-compliance is suspected, and prosecutions may occur as a result.

3. Consumer Complaints

OMVIC handles disputes between consumers and dealers or between dealers themselves. The goal is to assist the parties involved to achieve a negotiated solution in order to avoid recourse to the courts.

4. Professional Standards & Public Awareness

OMVIC promotes dealer education programs as means of enhancing professionalism in the motor vehicle industry. In addition, OMVIC fosters public awareness and understanding of consumers' rights and responsibilities.


Self-management of the motor vehicle dealer industry offers value to consumers, dealers and government alike. Some of the more meaningful benefits include:

  • Better understanding of the industry resulting in more effective management
  • Simplified processes and procedures
  • Focused use of resources at no cost to taxpayers
  • More accessibility to programs and services
  • Better response times when addressing problems and concerns
  • Focus on customer service